The Best Countries To Retire In

fdss333When looking for the best countries to retire in, people usually consider factors such as the climate of the place, the safety that is being offered, the medical and various health-related facilities, and the cost of real estate.

Normally, the cost of living isn’t the only factor to keep in mind when you are looking for one of the best retirement destinations for you. Below is a list of the best destinations to retire in:

Mexico and Panama

These are the most commonly sought retirement destinations by many people. It is true that these countries provide cheap and a very low cost of living. Besides, they are full of adventure with amazing landscapes and natural beauty. The cities are highly convenient which many retirees find attractive. If it gets too hot, one has the option to head for the cooler mountain places.


This country is normally closer to the United States, and therefore you will constantly keep in touch with those you love and also your relatives. Besides the cheap cost of living, coupled with the health care facilities that are being offered in here are noteworthy. These days many baby boomers are moving to Canada, because according to them, it is more feasible than moving to Panama or Mexico or Costa Rica. However, especially in this country sometimes, the taxes might seem to be higher, and hence, it might be a turn off to some of the retirees.

Middle East

These days, the Middle East is all over the news thanks to the political turmoil that is happening over there. This might generate fears in the minds of many. Surprisingly, there are good retirement options in the Middle East countries such as UAE and the Saudi Arabia. These countries are known to offer a very high standard of living for a fraction of the cost that is required if you are in the States or Canada.


Many retirees are also looking towards some of the European countries. Poland and Latvia top the list along with Romania. However, it is good also to look into the other factors that make up a good retirement destination. Research the health care in the area, would it suffice for whatever conditions you might currently or soon be dealing with.


When deciding on the best countries to retire in, you should primarily consider your personal preference. Do not fall for the words that are being touted by different real estate agencies. It is of vital importance that you fully research your options and look into any retirement destination before you make the leap. Thanks to our modern world and the global internet you can now find firsthand information to make that job quicker and easier than ever.