Various Facts To Know About Wines

Wine is a diverse and deep topic that covers agriculture, history, and culture. In fact, it would be difficult to cover all that revolves wine at once. There are a lot of things one must consider before selecting a bottle especially for a special occasion that involves hosting distinguished guests. If you understand more about wines, you probably know why wine tasting is as such a crucial point during such functions. The sommeliers usually explain the origin and year of production among other things. You can learn more about quality wine by visiting http://woodlandswines.com.au. This article will cover various facts people need to know about wines.

Facts to know about wine

There are two types of wine; Red and white wine

dsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfAll kinds of wines revolve around either white or red type. White wine is made from white grapes while the red wines are made from the red grapes. The two are popular in most cellars all over the world, and they vary depending on the area they come from as well as they types of grapes.

You can get white wine from red grapes

The fact that red grapes can make white wine is usually a surprise to many people. Little do they know that the red color is derived from the tannins on the outer side of the red grapes. Thus, if the lids are removed before fermentation, the results will be a white wine. Likewise, the rose wine which is pink in color is achieved by withdrawing the lids when the process is half way done.

Wine changes taste each year

According to wine vintage, all wine produced in the same year taste the same. However, the taste changes as they stay in the cellar. Thus, a five-year will of the same grape will taste differently with the younger ones. The old wines taste more mature and bold compared to the younger ones. Likewise, the price varies with age.

Most wines are drunk in the first year of release

dfgdfgfdgfdgMost people wonder about this fact. However, only a few wines do not have this characteristic. Therefore, the majority can be enjoyed within this first year. The quality, however, improves with time as discussed above. If you want to enjoy more, go for the older wines.


There are other facts, but the above are the most popular. They can help you to choose a good bottle in addition to checking acidity, alcohol level, and sugar residual.