Finding How Much Your Property is Worth

Getting the exact value of your home, townhouse, villa or even a unit in any region or suburb could be a challenging task long before when people relied on the property experts as well as local agents to access information on real estate.

The introduction of websites such as the Home Evaluation Guide has changed this phenomenon and made it simple for you to find out the value of your property. The home valuation guideĀ is very critical in establishing the worth of a given property. It is also coming at a no cost, making it attractive for many people today. Here is what you need to do:


Log in

The first step to finding the vital information about the market that will allow you to know the exact price of your kjkjkjkjkjyyhome is to connect to the Home Evaluation Guide website, which is

This platform will give you a comprehensive and accurate data regarding the real estate market because it uses advanced technology to search deeply into property databases and compile an actual overview of the market. You need not pay any fee to access information on this web.

Submit your email

Upon going to the website, the HEG will ask for your email so that they can email you all the data. The process is very easy and quick, and within no time, you will receive a detailed report via your email concerning the prevailing market values of different property from various suburbs and regions.

You can use the information provided to compare with the analysis of your house and then get an accurate revelation of the current market value it is worth. This information has a significant influence on buyers and homeowners because they will have control of the price of their property without relying on local agents or property professionals.

Conduct physical inspection

The valuation of your property should include two elements: the first is getting the comparable sales, previous, and historical data regarding the market prices.

The second aspect is carrying out a physical examination of your property. For this reason, after getting the accurate and comparative worth of your property based on the prevailing market conditions and past statistics, you need to engage the services of a local real estate agent to come and assess you house.

Condition of the house

mklplkmbPhysical review of the property is necessary because it determines the condition of the house by looking at the decoration situation, the damage caused by tenants, and any recent renovation to the building.

Since agents have many years of experience inspecting a property, they can help you to have a realistic assessment of your property to come up with an appropriate value when selling.