The Budget Air Compressors

At times, all you need is an affordable air compressor that can perform a broad range of applications. In case you are looking for air compressors on a budget, you have come to the right place. Click Here to see some of the best and recommended air compressors. This article gives you the compressors that you can buy without breaking the bank.

Examples of the air compressors

WEN 2276 compressor

The WEN air compressor is suitable for do-it-yourself users. It is very affordable. This compressor is light and thusmkplkjmbvxz very portable. Its motor can deliver two horsepower. It has noise levels of 63db which is very minimal.

Its price is the cheapest in the market so far. Therefore, the WEN 2276 is suitable for anyone on a budget looking for a well-designed compressor.

Makita MAC 2400

Makita MAC 2400 air compressor is familiar with DIYers and even professionals. The reason behind this is its price, performance, and quality. It has a big bore pump that allows for high performance. It also has air outlets that enable you to operate up to two nailers at the same time.

Dewalt D55167 air compressor

The DeWalt D55167 has a 15-gallon tank and is an affordable option for users who want an affordable compressor. It is the most ideal for the work environment or home workshop since it produces minimal noise. It has a high pressure which means longer running time.

Makita MAC 5200 air compressor

The MAC 5200 is very popular equipment because of its performance and quality. It has three horsepower motor. Just like the MAC 2400, it can also run two nailers simultaneously. Its 5.2-gallon tank can operate for a long time. Also, this compressor has pneumatic wheels that are suitable for use on tough job sites.

North Star air compressor

The North Star compressor is durable and can work well with heavy applications. The pump can cool off easily thanks to its v-style shape. This compressor has a 20-gallon tank that allows for increased performance. Professionals, who perform tough jobs, can make use of this durable air compressor. It provides all these at a pocket-friendly price.

Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 air compressor

hglpkmnbvvThe Ingersoll Rand SS3F2 provides you with an affordable option to perform your task at home. You are guaranteed to uninterrupted work because of the 100% duty cycle this compressor provides. Furthermore, the compressor has a high performance because of its high pressure. Its noise level is at 75db which is manageable.