Why your health is tied to your sleep patterns

If you’re not getting sufficient quality sleep, then, not only your physical health is at risk, your mental, and psychological well-being is also in jeopardy. For most people, poor sleep patterns can be a good indication of underlying health challenges, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

The importance of quality sleep has been well documented, be it the 30-minute naps or the all-night-long sleep, and in fact, experts recommend the minimum sleep time for adults at 7 hours, and 8 hours for children. Here are some incredible benefits of quality sleep.

The importance of quality sleep

Improves creativity and cognitive abilitiesiujyhtgk

Genius scientists like Albert Einstein claimed that whenever he had issues with solving complex problems, one thing he regularly did was to take a nap and that after waking up, he usually found such dilemmas much easier and faster to solve

Improves calmness and coordination

A 2009 research documents that children who get less than 8 hours of sleep a night are generally hyperactive, inattentive, and unruly.

Increases longevity

A research report confirms that women who get less than 5 hours of sleep a night die much younger than those who do. This research is inconclusive as some argue on whether this is a function of cause and effect of underlying ailments or not. But one fact remains indisputable, sleep cycle is related to longevity.

There are other benefits too, but let us simply say that, children who sleep better also grow better.

Factors that affect sleep patterns

There are factors which affect whether you get quality sleep or not. Knowing what to do or things to avoid doing can go a long way to making you sleep better.

Distorted dinner patterns

Our brains are wired to recognize patterns, therefore ensure that you stick to a particular eating pattern. Define your dinner time and stick to it, and avoid those unexpected desserts and late night foods.

Maintain your sleep time

Similar to the reason given above. You’re able to get better quality sleep when you have a particular bedtime. Decide on the time that works best for you and stick to it.


htgfFor some people, brushing with minty toothpaste just before bedtime can affect their ability to get sleep. You may, therefore, try other flavored toothpaste.

While cigarettes may calm your nerves, if you’re a smoker, cigarettes apart from being depressants are also stimulants. Therefore, if you must smoke, avoid doing it close to bedtime.



Reasons why good sleep is important

With our day to hectic day lives, we have neglected the one thing in life that can give us health which is quality sleep. We work day and night so that we can make ends meet but do you know that you are missing out on a lot of sleep benefits by just not getting enough of it? It is recommended that we get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night but why do we need good sleep? Why is it so important that we should get all these hours of sleep? Below are reasons why good sleep is important.

Good sleep health benefits

Good for your health

e45657utyrteWhen we talk about health, we refer to a lot of things. A lack of quality sleep accounts for over 90% of all sicknesses and diseases. In fact, an increased deficiency of sleep in an individual can increase the chances of one having conditions such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. The list is endless. A good night’s sleep helps regulate your blood pressure and most importantly helps in the healing and repairing of your blood vessels making it possible for you to avoid the above conditions. If you want to have a healthy heart which is the center of everything, then going to bed early is your only option from now on.

Good for your mental health

Just like eating, drinking and sleeping which are things we cannot live without, that is how beneficial sleep is. Poor sleep is linked to serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Also not getting enough sleep increases your chances of having a weakened immune system exposing you to various illnesses. A good night’s rest of about 7-8 hours helps our brain to stabilize our memory and process information allowing our brain to ‘heal.’ This healing is what brings about good mental health boosting our moods and diminishing signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Good sleep helps with learning and memory

One of the side effects of lack of sleep is poor memory, poor concentration, lack of focus which all contribute to the inability to learn or execute important elements in life like proper judgment and good decision making. In fact, a lack of sleep impairs your ability to think clearly. Sleep plays an important role in our learning process. When we sleep, we are allowing our brains to relax, repair, heal and improve motor skills bringing proper co-ordination in our brain. This process done only through quality sleep, enables us to focus, learn and carry out effective decision making in our day to day activities. If you want to be smart, adopt good sleeping patterns today.

The benefits of quality sleep go beyond our normal thinking and conclusions of what happens when we sleep. There are more benefits of good night’s sleep both physically, mentally and psychologically. We cannot do without breathing and that same way, we cannot do without getting enough sleep. A good sleep is a channel for the whole body, mind, and soul to heal and repair itself. All kinds of healing are done when we get enough sleep. So, get good sleep today and start reaping the benefits of quality sleep all your entire life.